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Shopify Website Development + SEO

  • Avg Google rank rose from 19 to 2
  • Conversion rates increased 27%
  • Online sales increased over 100%
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BayTub Softubs is one of 57 Softub Spa dealers in Canada, selling spas, accessories & chemicals. The project involved re-building their Shopify site; plus SEO to improve Google ranking


BayTub Softubs had a Shopify site since 2020 that had been successfully selling spa accessories and chemicals but had never received an online order for a Softub Spa, the main source of revenue. After analysing their current site I identified several issues:

  • With Softubs priced from $6,000 to $9,000 it was unlikely anyone was going to pay the full amount online
  • The current site didn't include enough supporting information to give customers full confidence in their choice and feel comfortable buying online
  • It was hard to understand extra charges involved with a purchase. The manufacturer charged a "freight fee" to ship to the dealer in addition to the delivery fee charged by dealers. Sales tax (not included in prices in Canada) was extra, plus customers would need chemicals and accessories (such as a weather cover) before they could enjoy their Softub. The lack of clarity about extra costs could put people off

Project Features

I redesigned the Shopify website giving particular attention to Softub collection and product pages, including:

  • Highlighting key features such as quick delivery, portability, and no need for an electrician to install it
  • Adding lots more supporting content to product pages covering what was and wasn't included, product specs, financing options, typical running costs and warranty details
  • Adding a detailed breakdown of the delivery costs, and explaining the manufacturer freight fee so people understood why it was added
  • Customising product and collection pages to show the full product price, but only requiring customers to pay a $1,000 deposit to order; and customising the cart page to show the balance that would be due
  • Creating discounted "bundles" of chemicals and essential accessories to add to Softub purchases
  • Adding content to explain the benefits of hydrotherapy, and the benefits of Softubs versus traditional spas
  • Adding manufacturer's promotional videos
  • Optimising page titles, descriptions, headings and body content to improve search ranking
  • Improving the look of the homepage and making the site more attractive overall

The End Result

The new site looks great. See for yourself here: A few weeks after going live the Baytub received their first online Softub orders worth over $25,000!