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Website Optimisation

  • Conversion rates increased 45%
  • Average order value increased 50%
  • Online orders increased 120%
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Marson Equipment is a Canadian woodworking machinery and tools retailer with 5,000 website visitors a month. The project involved optimising their existing site to improve conversion rates


The website lots of visitors but was suffering from low conversion rates at just over 0.6%, meaning only 6 out of every 1,000 visitors actually bought something. After analysing the site I identified several issues:

  • There were no products on the homepage (only categories) so there wasn't much to "draw people in"
  • The home page was a bit bland and lacking in colour. Everything was blue and white
  • Menus and products were poorly organised making it hard for customers to find what they were looking for. Machinery and tools were mixed in with parts and accessories
  • Products were tucked away under a "Shop" mega-menu with so many menu items it was overwhelming
  • It was hard to find products by searching. For example searching "table saw" showed low-value parts and accessories first, and customers had to browse several pages of products before seeing table saws
  • Product pages lacked important information on warranties and shipping costs
  • Marson Equipment offered free shipping on many products and competitive "flat rate" shipping on others but this wasn't obvious until customers got to the checkout

Project Features

Because I needed to work on the live site I divided the project into 3 phases of changes and tackled one at a time. This way I could make sure conversion rates were gradually improving as each phase was implemented. The changes included:

Phase 1: Improving "product discovery"

  • Splitting the "Shop" mega-menu out into different top-level categories such as Machinery, Power Tools, Tool Accessories and Consumables so that main categories were immediately visible on all pages
  • Creating drop-down menus for the different product types within these top-level categories
  • Moving parts and accessories into their own collections to keep them separate from machinery and tools
  • Adding the Shopify Search & Discovery app to give more control over search results, making sure higher-value products appeared first
  • Adding rows of products to the homepage including On-Sale products, Best-sellers and New Products
  • Adding "Similar Products" to product pages using Shopify's Search & Discovery related products feature

Phase 2: Improving "decision confidence"

  • Adding detailed product specs to product descriptions for higher-value products
  • Adding Warranty Information to product pages. This was done by creating a set of content for each product brand, and dynamically inserting the correct content based on the product vendor field
  • Adding Shipping Cost info to product pages that changed dynamically based on product weights/prices to show "Free Shipping" content for those products that qualified, and "Affordable Flat-Rate Shipping" content for those that didn't

Phase 3: Improving "first impressions"

  • Tidying up the homepage layout, changing the featured collections to show the most popular product categories, and adding more attractive images for featured collections
  • Adding more colour including bright-coloured icons for Marson Equipment's key selling points
  • Reducing the size of the brand logos grid and moving it down the page so customers saw products and featured collections at first glance instead

The End Result

Conversion rates improved with the implementation of each phase. By the end of the project:

  • Conversion rates had increased by 45%
  • Average order values had increased by 50%
  • Online orders had increased by 120%