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Simple customisation examples:

  • Extra elements for products or posts such as features, highlights, icons
  • Variant descriptions or other content in addition to the product content
  • Show products that are featured in blog posts
  • Show blog posts that match specified tags or other criteria
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Each business has unique needs and pre-built themes (either free or paid) don't accommodate every situation. Customisation of the theme's code can be used to achieve the perfect user-experience for your type of business and products, leading to higher conversion rates, average order values and repeat visits.

If you can think of it I can build it!

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How do I know which option to choose?

If you see the custom featured you need in one of the examples above under Simple, Medium or Advanced then simply choose that option.

If none of the examples are what you're looking for, or you want something completely unique, then contact me to get a quote. I'll ask you a few questions to make sure I've understood what I need to build and give you a fixed price.

I need something not in your examples

The examples above are just some of the more common requirements for Shopify customisations. If you need something completely different that's fine, just contact me for a quote. I'll ask you a few questions to make sure I've understood what I need to build and give you a fixed price.

Is it better to customise or add an App?

It depends. If there's a free App that will do exactly what you need that might be the best option. But if you're going to have to pay a monthly fee of say $50/month for an App then that's $1,800 over 3 years and it still might not work exactly as you want it to.

Whereas it's possible to customise the theme code, it's not usually possible to make changes to the code in an App. You'll need to be happy with the way the App works "out of the box".

Another factor is that using too many Apps can slow down your site; and that can harm your Google rankings. Sometimes Apps give you hundreds of features when you only need a few of them; so you're adding hundreds of extra lines of code to pages instead of ten.

Service Questions


How long will it take you to build?

It depends on the level of complexity but usually only a few days. In most cases I can figure out your requirements, build it and test it the same week.

What if I need changes in the future?

Rather than creating code that's a "black box" I try to build new features as custom theme sections or blocks where you can edit content or parameters that could change in the future.

Let's say you want a countdown timer for same-day delivery on product pages and: your cut-off time for same-day is 1pm; you don't offer same-day on Sunday or holidays; and when same-day isn't available you want to show customers a different message instead. By creating it as a custom theme block where you can edit the cut-off time, "blackout" dates, and the "before" and "after" text, you'll be able to update it as your business processes change without code changes.

Will I still be able to update my theme?

Often not. Once your theme's code is customised then updating the theme to a newer version will overwrite any customisations.

Where possible I try to keep custom code in separate "Snippet" files and call the custom snippet from places where it's needed. That way, if you need to update your theme, it's a simpler job to re-add the custom snippet to a new theme version. However updating your theme will require custom features to be added and tested again, so it's best to avoid updating the theme if possible.

Money Questions


Do I have to pay everything up front?

For this service, yes. Longer projects (like website builds or SEO) are normally spread over multiple payments but theme customisation doesn't take very long so it doesn't really make sense to pay in stages.

Are there any monthly fees too?

No, it's a one-off fee (unlike ongoing subscriptions for Apps). I don't charge maintenance or other fees and I try to make sure clients are able to make updates themselves by storing content and data in places where it's easy to edit.

What if I discover problems later?

I provide a 30 day warranty period after custom features are implemented. If you happen to spot anything that isn't working correctly during that period I'll fix it right away for free.

After 30 days I'm happy to make changes at additional cost.

What if I still have more questions?

Just visit my Contact Page where you can use the contact form to ask me any questions. I'll get back to you promptly.