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Starter package includes:

  • Focus on keywords for your business category
  • Optimise homepage (title, description, headings, and body content)
  • Write up to 500 words of new content
  • Optimise Google, Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp listings
  • Optimise social profiles and link to site
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SEO is an effective and inexpensive strategy for getting more visitors to your site compared to running Ad campaigns.

The higher you rank in search the more clicks your site will get, and the more sales you'll make. The first result in Google search usually gets over 30% of clicks. For each position after #1 those clicks get roughly cut in half. Results on page 2 get very few clicks since most people never go to page 2.

If you achieve high ranking on Google your rankings usually persist after the SEO project ends, whereas when you run paid Ads to drive visitors to your site those visitors vanish as soon as the Ad campaign is paused. SEO is an investment rather than just an expense.

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SEO Packages


What's the difference between packages?

In the Starter package I focus on getting your site to rank higher for keywords people use to find your type of business, for example "woodworking machinery" and "woodworking tools". The main emphasis is on optimising your homepage.

In the Hero package I also focus on your main product categories, e.g. "band saws", "table saws", "sanders", "power tools", "hand tools" and so on. This involves optimising your collection (product category) pages too.

The Superhero package includes the above plus optimising individual product pages for your popular products, e.g. "dewalt pro table saw", "king belt sander", "bosch cordless drill".

The more search terms your site ranks well for then the more visitors you'll get from search, and the more sales you'll make.

How many keywords are included?

Unlike many SEO agencies I don't place a limit on the number of keywords that we target but I try to guide you on what's a sensible number. In the starter package we just focus on important keywords for your business category and the number of keywords to target depends on your industry. Higher level packages focus on product categories too so the list of target keywords becomes longer.

For a business such as a florist there aren't many keywords people are likely to search, for example: "florist", "flowers", and "flower delivery". For a digital marketing agency the keywords that people might use are more diverse, for example: "digital marketing", "digital marketing agency", "marketing agency", "web design", "web development", "seo agency", "advertising agency" and so on.

Will I get reports showing the results?

Yes, during the project and for a few weeks afterwards I'll send you your current rankings for the selection of target keywords that we agreed. You can also check your search rankings manually by going to Google, searching the keyword, and looking down the list to see what position you appear in.

If you want to track your rankings for lots of keywords on an ongoing basis without having to search each one manually I can recommend some inexpensive tracking tools you can use.

Service Questions


How long will the project take?

SEO projects usually take about a month, depending on how quickly you review and approve the proposed changes.

In the first week I do keyword research and an SEO audit of your site/backlinks then we agree on keyword priorities. Next I write new page titles, page descriptions, headings and content for you to approve before making the changes. I then create new social profiles and directory listings that you need. I check your ranking improvements regularly after implementing changes; then go back to make further tweaks to content on your site if needed.

How involved will I need to be?

You'll need to be involved at the start to review my keyword research and decide on priorities; as well as reviewing and approving proposed changes to page titles, descriptions, headings and other content.

Sometimes you'll need to help out with creating new social profiles or directory listings because on some platforms only the business owner can create these (but you can give me access to make changes).

How contactable will you be?

If you're concerned about this then chances are you've had a bad experience in the past. This won't be like that! I communicate regularly and proactively and I'm always contactable by zoom, phone or email (within reason - I try not to work weekends!).

Money Questions


Do I have to pay everything up-front?

No, the usual payment schedule is half up front and half when the project is complete. If you're ready to get started you can buy all my packages online. You'll only pay 50% of the price now and I'll invoice you the remaining balance at the end. If you want to discuss a different schedule please feel free to contact me .

Are there ongoing fees too?

No. Most SEO agencies charge ongoing monthly fees but after the first couple of months they aren't usually doing much work for that fee.

My approach is different - I work on your SEO intensively during the project and that's all you need to pay for. Usually you will see your rankings continue to improve for some time after the project ends.

Is there a guarantee of results?

Yes, but we need to give it some time first. If your rankings for the target keywords we agreed haven't improved within 3 months I'll be happy to do whatever additional work might be needed free of charge until you see an improvements.

What if I still have more questions?

Just visit my Contact Page where you can use the contact form to ask me any questions. I'll get back to you promptly.