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Increase conversions and average order values

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Starter package includes:

  • Reviewing your site's analytics data to identify opportunities
  • Improving your site's "first impression" factors
  • Improving "product visibility" (making products more prominent and easier to find
  • Addressing "purchase barriers" such as shipping costs
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This service is for you if your website gets healthy visitor levels and you're generally happy with how it looks, but you want to increase revenue from existing visitors.

To increase revenue I focus on increasing conversion rates (encouraging a higher percentage of visitors to purchase) and average order values (encouraging those who purchase to spend a bit more). Your Analytics data for past conversion rates and average order values will help to figure out where the biggest opportunities are.

If your site isn't making sufficient sales because it's not getting enough visitors then consider an SEO Package.

If you want a full re-design of your site, or you want to migrate to Shopify from a different platform, consider a Website Package (which includes search engine and conversion rate optimisation too).

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Optimisation Packages


How do you increase conversion rates?

My methodology for increasing conversion rates includes...

First Impressions:
Improving the attractiveness of the site and the feeling of trust that visitors have in your brand. Good design is important here but so is as attention to detail. A broken link or even a block of text that isn't aligned properly can erode trust in your brand. People draw conclusions about the quality of your products and service based on the quality of your website.

Product Discovery:
Making sure visitors see products that interest them as soon as they "walk in" to your online store (just like with a physical store), ensuring it's easy to find products customers want, as well as suggesting other products they may not have considered.

Decision Confidence:
Making sure there is enough product information make visitors feel confident about buying, and making sure all their potential questions are answered to remove any doubts. Just a product description isn't enough, visitors need supporting information like sizes, specs, reviews, delivery and warranty info too.

Purchase Deterrents:
Removing "deterrents" that could cause prospective customers to hold back, wait or do more research first. Shipping cost is a common one - if they can get free shipping from competitors sites then yours should offer it too. If someone wants to read product reviews then those should be on your site so they don't go elsewhere to search for them. If you don't use discount codes visitors shouldn't be given an option to enter one because they might think "wait, other people have discount codes - where can I find one?".

How do you increase avg order values?

By implementing "upsell" features such as...

Suggesting similar alternatives that are slightly more expensive AND making it obvious why the higher-priced option is better.

"Buy it with":
Showing relevant add-on products, allowing them to add multiple products to cart with one click, and giving them incentives to add those extra products (like a discount or free shipping over a certain amount).

Who creates extra product info needed?

After discussing it with you I will normally give you a list of the extra content that needs to be added. Some might be specific to each product (such as a longer description or technical specs), some might be common to all products of the same type, category or brand (such warranty information), and some might be common to every product on the site (such as delivery times/costs or product return policy).

As the expert on your business and product range you'll need to provide any extra content that is needed. Sometimes you can use AI tools to speed up the process and Shopify has a built-in AI tool to generate things like product descriptions; but you still need to review them for accuracy. Or you may be able to source extra content from the manufacturers whose products you sell.

I will help with editing and organising extra content and add it to product pages in a way that's easy for you to update and manage, such as storing it in product metafields (or collection metafields if it's common to all products in the collection).

Service Questions


Will I get reports showing the results?

Yes, depending on how busy your site is, normally a month after the optimisation has been completed there will be enough data to show you the difference in numbers of orders, conversion rates and average order values versus the previous month (or the same period the previous year if your sales fluctuate seasonally).

How contactable will you be?

If you're concerned about this then chances are you've had a bad experience in the past. This won't be like that! I communicate regularly and proactively and I'm always contactable by zoom, phone or email (within reason - I try not to work weekends!).

Money Questions


Do I have to pay everything up-front?

No, the usual payment schedule is half up front and half when the project is complete. If you're ready to get started you can buy all my packages online. You'll only pay 50% of the price now and I'll invoice you the remaining balance at the end. If you want to discuss a different schedule please feel free to contact me .

Is there a guarantee of results?

Yes, but we need to give it some time first. If revenue per visitor hasn't increased within 3 months I'll be happy to do whatever additional work might be needed free of charge until you see an increase.

What if I still have more questions?

Just visit my Contact Page where you can use the contact form to ask me any questions. I'll get back to you promptly.