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Shopify Custom Development

  • Huge savings in quoting time by allowing customers to place complex orders online
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iKustom is an innovative company selling custom doors & panels for IKEA kitchens allowing people to create a custom look for less. The project involved a multi-step order process in Shopify.


iKustom was spending a lot of time preparing quotes for custom kitchen doors and panels, which was wasted time if customers didn't order. They wanted to enable customers to get a detailed quote and order online instead. Some of the challenges included:

  • Each product is available in different styles, finishes, colours, heights and widths; leading to a large number of product variants and a complex order process
  • Customers needed to be able to choose some products in a different finish and colour (such as an accent style for kitchen islands)
  • For custom colour orders customers needed to provide the paint brand and colour code
  • Rather than randomly adding products to cart customers needed to be led through the correct product pages in a sequence of steps to ensure they included everything

Project Features

I customised the existing Shopify site to create an online order process for custom kitchen doors and panels. This involved:

  • Requiring customers to first choose a main style (slab or shaker), finish (wood veneer or lacquer) and colour; and then repeating the process if they wanted an optional accent style
  • Disabling Add-to-cart buttons until all required selections had been made to prevent incomplete orders
  • Adding required custom fields for paint brand and colour code to product pages, but hiding these fields for wood veneer choices
  • Leading customers through a step-by-step sequence of product pages for choosing doors, drawer fronts, panels and "fillers"; that changed based on their original style choices
  • Hiding unavailable product options so customers would only see available height options for the width they had chosen
  • Creating a custom progress bar that adapted to customer's selections and allowed them to navigate back and forth through the order steps
  • Customising the mega-menu to include images

The End Result

The new order process works great and makes it super-easy for customers to place complex orders. See for yourself here: The project is saving iKustom countless hours in quoting time.